Colorful art that brightens your day!

LNCRCreative Art

Colorful art that brightens your day!

LNCRCreative Art

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About us

 Cindy Polette is an artist and Lindsay Polette is a photographer.

 Colorful art that brightens your day! Cindy is an artist and Lindsay is a photographer. We fill our home with our own art and get tons of compliments.   FYI, LNCR Creative stands for Lindsay N Cindy R Creative.

Cindy's Art

Colorful painted handmade clock created by artist Cindy Polette.


I believe that we all have rules to follow to allow us to respect each other. When I work on my art I choose not to follow any rules and let my creative side take over.

I love to create with bright colors and am a mixed media artist. I believe bright colors make you smile.  I smile when I see them.  I create colorful art that brightens your day by mixing recycled glass, stained glass, mediums and different viscosities of acrylic paint.

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Lindsay's Photography

Beautiful Bewilderbeast Iris, photo taken by Lindsay Polette Photographer.

I took my first class in Photography in college and fell in love with it.

My wife Cindy loves flowers so I try to capture the color and beauty she sees in my photos. 


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